Electrical terminals

Installing an electric bollard in your home is an ideal solution to easily plan your trips and long trips by electric car.

Contact Entreprises Pierre Charlebois to set up the terminal adapted to your vehicle and your home!

With our installations, you only have to connect the car to the socket without worrying about electrical risks. We advise you on the type of terminal that will ensure security and reliability.

The quality of the connection of your charging station is very important. Indeed, charging stations are very sensitive and must be installed carefully to avoid certain problems, such as overloading your electrical panel. Everything that includes the installation of the terminal must be carried out by a master electrician according to the rules of the art and the specifications of the manufacturer of the terminal concerned.


Residential bollards may seem easy to install, but they are not. Several factors are important when connecting a terminal, whether it is the location of your terminal or the power supply circuit. This requires the intervention of a master electrician competent in this field.


Installing charging stations for electric vehicles may seem complex in condominium syndicate environments. Even if you have the approval of all the co-owners, installing a charging station in a condo can quickly become expensive. That’s why, in such a situation, we recommend the EVduty network. Affordable, easy to install, and made in Quebec.

Are you thinking of getting an electric car and looking for a qualified electrician for the installation of your charging station? Contact us for more details!