How to reduce our electricity bill in winter

2 June 2021

Receiving your electricity bill can be scary during the cold season! Our energy use takes a big leap as we transition from high to low temperatures and shorter days. Fortunately, there are tips to reduce our electricity bill in winter.

Reducing the electricity bill through lighting.

Make good habits in lighting can save you considerably.

First, it is advisable to buy energy efficient compact fluorescent or LED bulbs, rather than halogen or incandescent. Indeed, the former need less energy to provide the same light intensity. Also, ENERGY STAR certified luminaires allow you to use less electricity.

Why not also install different technologies that will ensure smart management of your luminaires? For example, dimmers, programmer switches and motion detectors allow you to adjust brightness and turn on only when necessary. In addition, placing solar-powered appliances outside can help reduce your electricity bill.

Then, get into the habit of turning off the lights when you get out of the house or when you go to bed.
Another tip is to take care of your lights and bulbs. Cleaning them regularly increases their efficiency.

Reducing your electricity bill with the Hydro-Québec heating system

Hydro-Québec advises us to lower the temperature by 3°C at night and when the house is unoccupied to reduce your electricity bill in winter. Similarly, adjusting the temperature of unused parts to 15°C is another good trick. You can keep the door closed to these rooms to increase your comfort.

Thermostats selection can help you reduce energy costs. It is better to opt for those that are programmable or smart. They will be able to adapt to your lifestyle and adjust the hot air according to your needs, occupation and time of day. Heating professionals can give you advice based on your equipment, so use energy efficient heaters that really meet your needs and your space.

Make sure you install them properly and maintain them regularly to maintain a good level of performance. Also, it is necessary to insulate your house. Regardless of the efficiency of your heating system, if there is heat loss, you will pay more than necessary.

So, take care to caulk the windows, doors and fireplace to avoid the infiltration of cold air.
Finally, simple gestures should be considered, such as closing the curtains when it is dark and opening them in the morning. Be sure that heat sources are not obstructed to ensure a good output of hot air.
There are other ways to lower your heating bill. We can help you reduce your energy consumption during the winter.

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